Price of a packet just gone up 37p that makes a difference

If you are a smoker or live with one this may be a significant day for you. Perhaps it’s a reminder of when you last promised yourself  to do something about your smoking habit/addiction.  Maybe you even gave up for awhile and then fell back into your old habits again.


I know, I know at a conscious level you tell yourself you are going to stop smoking once and for all.  There isn’t a bone in your body that doesn’t know all the harmful stuff you suck into your lungs through those little white tubes of tobacco.


The problem is not at a conscious level of knowledge but at a sub-conscious feeling and belief level.  That feeling in the pit of your stomach at the mere thought of having to let go of your “best friend” in times of stress, anger, anxiety,  annoyance, frustration or just simply feeling bored.  You still feel out of control and a slave to this cigarette.


Maybe you recognise the little voice in your head, telling you, “it will be hell and don’t forget the mood swings not to mention putting on weight”.


Hypnosis works at a sub-conscious level, where your feelings, emotions, automatic responses to thoughts and triggers reside.  Hypnosis works on a deeper level at taming this “inner little voice ” which is driving you mad. Hypnotherapy allows your feelings and emotions to change which empowers you to have a different response to old triggers.  Just for a moment sit quietly, take a deep breath and imagine how it would feel to have this “inner little voice“, become your best friend instead of your enemy.


Hypnosis is not about willpower, you already have all the willpower you need, what you don’t have is the confidence, feeling and self belief deep down in your sub-conscious that you can make the change.  The simple fact is that where there is conflict between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind wins EVERY time.  When our conscious and sub-conscious minds are working together in harmony there is no conflict of interest, so what once seemed so difficult now seems easy.


Free at last

To check if you are ready to  Stop Smoking using Hypnosis write down five reasons for giving up NOW then imagine how you feel having actually achieved those reasons. Ie. I want to be a non-smoker because I want to run the three legged race with my kids (grandchildren) at school and feel I will live to tell the story.


If those reasons almost bring tears to your eyes, then for help to Stop Smoking.

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Written by Doreen
Before establishing myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I worked for many years in International Business in the UK and the Far East. During that time it occurred to me that I had lost touch with who I was. One brave day I resigned from my job in Hong Kong and set off on my own life’s adventure. Travelling throughout South East Asia was a feast for the mind and soul. On returning to the UK I discovered Hypnotherapy which provided a new perspective on life. The techniques empowered me to get to the root of issues, to release them and to gain new positive choices to situations. My new path began in 2000 when I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Central England Holistic Therapies. Attending training, conferences, and workshops around the world as part of my commitment to continuous growth and development for my life adventure. There is a great sense of joy from meeting like-minded people, sharing experiences and always gaining new insights. Cycling, toastmasters, travelling, pilates and volunteering at my local community arts center are some my joys in life. Reading has always been a great source of inspiration. What lights up my day is, empowering you to find your unique solution to reduce the butterflies of anxiety and self-doubt in daily life. Together we explore your inner confidence, inner calm and energy for what is important to you in your life. With your commitment we get to the root of what torments you, let it go and moving to a place of content. Allowing you to feel self-acceptance, space to make empowering choices, which create balance, so you can light up your day.