I get so excited about life when I have Ah! Ah! Moments, I just love them. Now, in the past I was inclined to give myself a couple of lashes with my invisible whip for not realising the piece of wisdom earlier.  I‘ve now given up whipping myself as it never made me feel happy or elated, which is how I want to feel especially when I have had a ah! Ah! moment of enlightment.


Of course we all know resistance is futile however, it is another thing to be able to identify where in our own lives we may be ‘resisting’ something and the impact it may be having on us by preventing us achieving what we really want to have in our life.


We stand half a chance of dealing with the stuff we know about, it is the stuff we don’t know, we don’t know that can really trip us up, our very own Johari window blind spot. May I suggest you take a test yourself just go to this website http://kevan.org/johari and have a go at understanding more about yourself.

If you do know me, I would be very grateful for you helping me to understand my blind spots more by filling in my profile (you may have to copy & paste these links.)  http://kevan.org/jh/doreen+gowing just click the words you associate with me.  Hope you enjoyed the exercise, I know I did. I will be happy to return the favour for you if you wish to send it to me.


I digress, so what was my ah! ah! moment? Well, it came to me while doing my daily self-hypnosis to tap into my subconscious for inspiration.  What transpired was I have been running this story that I am a “free spirit” and as such did not want to be tied down to timetables, routines and structured days, weeks and months.  My story was simply a cover up job for resistance to get seriously organised and focused on my goals.  What I realised is only by being structured and focused will I create the space for my ‘free spirit’ to shine and grow.


With my resistance gone I now feel excited about putting a structure in place. I can feel the freedom it provides.  Then just as I was about to push the ‘send’ button I had a flash of feeling vulnerable “oh! my God I’m coming across less than the perfect therapist who has life all sorted”.  Then I remembered this talk which I would like to share with you it is inspirational and allowed me to press the send button. TED VULNERABILITY http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.htm


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Written by Doreen
Before establishing myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I worked for many years in International Business in the UK and the Far East. During that time it occurred to me that I had lost touch with who I was. One brave day I resigned from my job in Hong Kong and set off on my own life’s adventure. Travelling throughout South East Asia was a feast for the mind and soul. On returning to the UK I discovered Hypnotherapy which provided a new perspective on life. The techniques empowered me to get to the root of issues, to release them and to gain new positive choices to situations. My new path began in 2000 when I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Central England Holistic Therapies. Attending training, conferences, and workshops around the world as part of my commitment to continuous growth and development for my life adventure. There is a great sense of joy from meeting like-minded people, sharing experiences and always gaining new insights. Cycling, toastmasters, travelling, pilates and volunteering at my local community arts center are some my joys in life. Reading has always been a great source of inspiration. What lights up my day is, empowering you to find your unique solution to reduce the butterflies of anxiety and self-doubt in daily life. Together we explore your inner confidence, inner calm and energy for what is important to you in your life. With your commitment we get to the root of what torments you, let it go and moving to a place of content. Allowing you to feel self-acceptance, space to make empowering choices, which create balance, so you can light up your day.