Up up and away

What is it that makes some peoples’ lives so rewarding and enjoyable? How do some people handle stress so well?  What is it that stops you from going for what you want in your life?  Do you know what you want in your life?  Why do so many of us struggle through each day?

Have you noticed that people who feel good about themselves, usually have a quality about them, that makes it a pleasure to be in their company?Could it be, that life is more rewarding, calmer and exciting for people who have high self-esteem and a deep inner confidence?

We are all born with a 100% confidence.  It’s as we go through life that our experiences can either confirm our self-belief or erode our confidence in our abilities.  Once upon a time you may have been a confident little climber, however, those caring words, “be careful you might fall”, may have started to make you doubt your ability.  As you left for school each morning, did you hear “take care”, or “go for it, you can do it”, ringing in your ears?


Celebrating success

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If only I had the nerve to learn to drive, or fly a plane”,  “I would give anything to be able to relax and stop worrying

What impact is stress having on your life?

Do you find yourself taking care of everyone else except yourself?

Is anxiety restricting your enjoyment of life?

All of these feelings are a huge drain on our energy and zest for life, I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.  So what would make the difference?

Finding our self-esteem, confidence and inner peace, it already exists inside you, they have just been buried in layers of life. Hypnotherapy provides the path to the subconscious mind, which automatically runs your everyday life, your habits, and way of being.  All of the answers to allow change, you already possess in your subconscious mind, they lie within you. We all have an unknown part, what we do not know we do not know. Johari window theory. That’s why I say ‘Go within or Go without’.

My role as a clinical hypnotherapist is to open the doors for you, to find the new path to the future you want for yourself.

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Written by Doreen
Before establishing myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I worked for many years in International Business in the UK and the Far East. During that time it occurred to me that I had lost touch with who I was. One brave day I resigned from my job in Hong Kong and set off on my own life’s adventure. Travelling throughout South East Asia was a feast for the mind and soul. On returning to the UK I discovered Hypnotherapy which provided a new perspective on life. The techniques empowered me to get to the root of issues, to release them and to gain new positive choices to situations. My new path began in 2000 when I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Central England Holistic Therapies. Attending training, conferences, and workshops around the world as part of my commitment to continuous growth and development for my life adventure. There is a great sense of joy from meeting like-minded people, sharing experiences and always gaining new insights. Cycling, toastmasters, travelling, pilates and volunteering at my local community arts center are some my joys in life. Reading has always been a great source of inspiration. What lights up my day is, empowering you to find your unique solution to reduce the butterflies of anxiety and self-doubt in daily life. Together we explore your inner confidence, inner calm and energy for what is important to you in your life. With your commitment we get to the root of what torments you, let it go and moving to a place of content. Allowing you to feel self-acceptance, space to make empowering choices, which create balance, so you can light up your day.