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Gratitude, focuses us on what we have rather than what we have not.  

When we focus on what we are grateful for, we naturally feel appreciation, abundance and contentment. This allows us to feel more positive, more confident, and experience increased energy. Essentially, gratitude is a mindset, it’s a change of perception, it’s something we choose for ourselves.  It’s a habit we can develop through daily practice. Why would we want to put in such effort? Well, gratitude has the ability to lower our stress levels, calm our mind and create space in our head. Imagine how this space can make it easier for us to develop solutions to life’s challenges and problems. Gratitude will allow us to move on and feel the benefit of our achievements. 


  • Make it the bookends of your day, write down five gratitudes morning and night.
  • At the end of each week read through all of them. 
  • If you find yourself having a crisis moment, write down twenty gratitudes, and feel the difference this process creates.

Gratitude is not just about the big stuff, it’s mainly about the things we take for granted every day. Simply focusing on the smaller things will give us a bigger sense of calm, peace and joy in our lives.

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Written by Doreen
Before establishing myself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I worked for many years in International Business in the UK and the Far East. During that time it occurred to me that I had lost touch with who I was. One brave day I resigned from my job in Hong Kong and set off on my own life’s adventure. Travelling throughout South East Asia was a feast for the mind and soul. On returning to the UK I discovered Hypnotherapy which provided a new perspective on life. The techniques empowered me to get to the root of issues, to release them and to gain new positive choices to situations. My new path began in 2000 when I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Central England Holistic Therapies. Attending training, conferences, and workshops around the world as part of my commitment to continuous growth and development for my life adventure. There is a great sense of joy from meeting like-minded people, sharing experiences and always gaining new insights. Cycling, toastmasters, travelling, pilates and volunteering at my local community arts center are some my joys in life. Reading has always been a great source of inspiration. What lights up my day is, empowering you to find your unique solution to reduce the butterflies of anxiety and self-doubt in daily life. Together we explore your inner confidence, inner calm and energy for what is important to you in your life. With your commitment we get to the root of what torments you, let it go and moving to a place of content. Allowing you to feel self-acceptance, space to make empowering choices, which create balance, so you can light up your day.