Stress or Anxiety

Imagine a life stress free

  • Do you struggle through each day?
  • What impact is stress having on your life?
  • Is anxiety restricting your enjoyment of life?

Stress is a form of pain that comes to tell us there is something we need to change.  Pain or suffering is a messenger saying there is something we need to change. We usually associate pain with the physical body and suffering with mental or emotional matters, they can of course be inter-linked.  Many people now accept stress as “normal” as they have become accustomed to living with it. This is a form or chronic stress which stays relatively constant yet at an unhealthy level.

It is now recognised by most of the medical world that stress lies behind many of our day to day ailments and disorders.

Nowhere is it written in stone that we should live long stressful lives, feeling overwhelmed most of the time.


How does Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy provides the path to the subconscious mind through deep relaxation.  All of the answers to change already lie within you. I help you to remove the obstacles in your way.

Our thoughts are neither good, nor bad simply dis-empowering or empowering.  When you change to empowering thoughts, you start to dance with life.

When there is conflict between the conscious and sub-conscious mind, the sub-conscious mind wins EVERY time.

Where your thoughts go your energy flows and results follow, this is true regardless of whether thoughts are negative or positive.

What you thought was going to be so difficult becomes easy and enjoyable, as you discover your inner saboteur, get rid of this saboteur and find you true inner self.

What a client said

“I was very skeptical before embarking on a journey of Hypnotherapy. I say a journey because it is just that. Doreen from the start was very understanding and could tell she really enjoyed the work she does in helping others find strength in themselves. From the first session to the last I could really take control of something that had been worrying me for many years, which was sexual abuse.  Looking at how you were at a time of your life when most vulnerable to becoming stronger is truly enlightening and a beautiful reminder that all of us have that power within to become ourselves again, even through such trauma. I thank Doreen for showing me these hidden reminders. They continue to help me move forward into a direction of peace and well being”.
Jonathan Barker, Eton, Berkshire
Doreen has helped me to develop tools which I use on a daily basis in dealing with the stresses of life and business. She has a very insightful understanding of how we operate as human beings and I found her manner to be totally non-judgemental and affirming. Doreen is now my secret weapon, and is always on standby for those times when I need to make sense of myself, and the world around me.
Jackie Hope, Business owner, 44

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