Weight Loss

  • Do you think constantly about food and your next meal?
  • Have you spent your life on Yo Yo diets?

Are you surprised to learn it is not about the FOOD ?

If you’ve arrived at this page because you seem to have spent most of your life dieting, only to find that after a while you’ve gained back the weight you lost and some extra pounds. When we loose something the subconscious mind will try and find it – those pounds you lost! Actually, the biggest reason diets don’t work is because they focus on food and food is not the issue.  That’s right food is not the issue.  The big problem is our uncontrollable impulses to eat even when our need for nutrition is meet.  When the triggers and emotional eating are discovered and resolved then you are free to choose.

If you think you are beyond help, think again and take comfort in realising that you are not alone but help is at hand.

Being told constantly about healthy food choices, portion size, food addiction, nervous eating, cravings, binges and the latest slimming plan, doesn’t actually help and in many cases can have the reverse effect, causing you to think constantly about food. Where our thoughts go (food) our energy flows, results happen (pounds go on). Changing where your thoughts go, allows your energy to flow to achieving your goals, results happen (pounds fall off).

How can hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Therapy help?

In many cases, food itself is never really the issue, it can be simply old engrained habits and thoughts or it can be a misguided avoider of feelings, sometimes known as emotional or comfort eating. The trouble is that no amount of food is going to satisfy any hidden emotional issues.

  • Changing your relationship with yourself so that you feel good, then food and you are good for each other.
  • Enjoying how you feel about yourself, is the key to changing yourself to live a healthy happy life.

Together we will focus directly on changing the feelings beliefs and behaviours at the root cause, controlling cravings, while creating new empowering habits.   It is not about the food

When starting hypnotherapy it is incredibly important to feel at ease with your therapist. When I felt apprehensive I could openly share this with Doreen. She is very warm and wise with a good sense of humour. She envelopes you in trust, which is turn produces powerful, reflective, inspiring sessions. I covered the full range of emotions and came out stronger. I would have no hesitation in recommending Doreen.

Caroline, Reading

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